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Sketchnote: Selfish Accessibility

My sketchnote of Adrian Roseli on Selfish Accessibility at the 4th Accessibility Camp Toronto, held this past Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Centre for Inclusive Design, OCAD.


Accessibility, Sketchnotes, UX

Sketchnote: Accessible UX

My sketchnote of Sarah Horton (@gradualclearing) and David Sloan (@sloandr) proposing the Manifesto for UX at the 4th Accessibility Camp Toronto held this past Saturday, Sept 27, 2014 at the Centre for Inclusive Design, OCAD.


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Sketchnote: the Design of Everyday Things

Don Norman’s seminal book the Design of Everyday Things has been recently revised. As part of the book’s promotion, Mr Norman teamed up with Patrick Whitney, dean of IIT Institute of Design, to chat about their perspectives — Norman from the perspective of cognitive psychology and Whitney from the perspective of business.

Watch the talk on YouTube.

My sketchnote of the talk is here.