Getting Black Ink from Pixels

More and more newspapers are finally starting to see the writing on the wall about their future survival in our brave new digital world. Some have even begun their struggle to re-define and re-invent themselves, for better and for worse.Rupert Murdoch seems hell bent on re-tracing the same unproductive, not to say destructive, path that … Continue reading Getting Black Ink from Pixels

The long tail of data sales

In doing some client-related research last week, I approached eMarketer to find out if they had relevant data sets for me and about their pricing structure. Predictably, their business model continues to be based on the large enterprise model, not unlike the blockbuster model that drives the movie and book industries. The all-you-can-eat buffet pricing … Continue reading The long tail of data sales

Still talking about putting the cart before the horse

It amazes me that in 2009, marketing professionals are still seeing and decrying the unevolved approach to marketing we've been seeing since the dawn of marketing. Yep, that's right: talking tactics before strategy. Seth Godin recently summarized this sickness in a recent post. His example of the attraction to tactics over strategy is noteworthy: "Tactics … Continue reading Still talking about putting the cart before the horse